X-Ray technician student

Limited Permit X-Ray Technician

Training program available at the following locations:

  • Lancaster (Main Campus)
  • Ventura (Branch Campus)

Career Description:

Limited Permit X-ray technicians produce radiographs of patient’s body parts for analysis by a doctor. They are trained to perform the radiographic and ancillary medical procedures commonly needed in a variety of health care settings. When you become licensed, you may choose to work in facilities such as:

  • Urgent Care facilities
  • Physicians’ offices
  • Orthopedic offices
  • Imaging Centers/Digital Radiography

Course Description:

Career Care Institute’s Limited Permit X-ray Technician (XT) program will prepare you to take the California State Examination in three limited permit categories: Chest, extremities, and torso skeletal. You will receive training in vitals, ancillary medical procedures, receive a certificate of instruction in venipuncture and injections, as well as electrocardiograms. Additionally, the first portion of the program will be spent learning Basic Back Office (BBO) skills, which will provide you with the background knowledge to work in nearly any medical office setting.

We are proud to announce the Radiologic Branch of the California Department of Health Services has approved digital radiography for Limited Permit X-ray Techs, therefore we have added it to our curriculum. After completion of our program, you will be able to work in facilities that have the newest equipment in digital radiography.

What’s the career outlook?

Due to the strong pay and solid job prospects, more and more people are becoming Limited Permit X-ray Technicians. Employment in the medical field is projected to grow faster than average and job opportunities are expected to be favorable. If you are interested in science and technology and also like helping people, then this might be the career for you.

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Grad Testimonial

My time at Career Care Institute was an amazing time. The teachers and employees were a great help to me. They helped me out a lot, even with some struggles I went through at the end. I want to thank my instructors for all their wisdom and Sherry and Katlin in job placement for never giving up on me and helping me get the job I have today. I am grateful and thankful for everyone’s help.

-Celine Cabolla