The purpose of this workshop is for graduates to receive an individual evaluation on their knowledge of the program and identify specific problems that can hurt their test-taking performance. A plan of action is then created by the Virtual ATI coach to help you in those areas while you wait for your NCLEX-PN application to go through.

Graduates who attend this workshop increase their success of passing State Boards the first time by 90%.

What is the price for such a fantastic workshop? Well the answer is FREE, yes that’s right free. As a graduate we will honor our commitment to you.

What are the benefits of attending this workshop?

  • Reconnect with your support system
  • Verify status of Virtual ATI
  • Learn about other incentives and rewards
  • Hear from other graduates

We are very proud of the success our graduates have had through the workshop and we believe their success is a result of the unique structure of revision and support between Virtual ATI and the staff at Career Care Institute.

How do I sign up for the workshop?

Contact your ATI instructor on campus. They will provide you with the times and schedule for the workshop. Learn more about other incentives when you attend your first workshop.


We are committed in providing you the support you need to achieve that passing score for State Boards. You deserve the best chance and we believe in you.


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